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From the opening sequence of the crushingly gnarly “Memory Leak,” the audience will hear something familiar in the building synths, thrashing riffs, and throat-shredding vocal style. There is a deep-seated knowledge of nu metal, borrowing and building upon an insane catalog of influences. Memorrhage has a sound all its own, and one that surpasses its predecessors in pure technical brutality.

Garry B, the multi-talented multi-instrumentalist behind Memorrhage is the latest of several artists to release a nu metal-inspired album on the rapidly growing label Big Money Cybergrind. The album sports an impressive list of guest vocalists, producers, instrumentalists and collaborators, including names like fire-toolz, VoidDweller, and tttlllrrr, and is mastered to perfection by Angel Marcloid. And although BMC is releasing the album, make no mistake- this is a love letter to classic nu metal through and through.

Memorrhage tells a story through its 11-track run of time travel, cybernetics, and body horror. There are elements of early 2000’s metalcore, hip-hop, industrial death metal, speed metal and more in the sound, and each element makes the others shine more brilliantly throughout this beast’s runtime. Taking his inspiration from the likes of Slipknot, Soulfly, Spineshank and more, Garry holds nothing back in distorting and reconfiguring them into a torrential force that, for all the comparisons it will draw, stands above many of those who came before.

So grab your JNCO pants and your dirt bike, slip on your Adidas and get your Life is Peachy shirt from the back of the closet, time travel back to 1997 with this album in your Walkman and let it shred. And if you happen to be at Sick New World, look out for their promo team handing out stickers with free download codes to get it early!

Memorrhage is available now on streaming platforms and for purchase digitally as well as on vinyl, CD, and cassette.

Disclaimer: the author, Terra Eyes, has a credited vocal cameo in the song “Knurl” as Sakura Pups.