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Sevendust are back at it again with their fourteenth studio album, Truth Killer. The quintet from Atlanta have been known as one of the hardest-working and most consistent bands in the nu-metal/alternative metal scene. Sevendust have yet to slow down in their three decades as a band, and the quality of their songwriting, production, and electric live performances haven't either.

With the release of Truth Killer–the bands' third collaboration with producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette–Sevendust showcase their signature sound of heavy, low-tuned guitars, ripping solos, and dynamic ebb and flow, alongside Lajon Witherspoon’s signature eclectic vocals. Morgan Rose’s harsher screams at various moments throughout the record help elevate the emotion of the gut-punching rhythmic breakdowns, while complimenting Witherspoon’s soulful and emotional melodies soaring over the instrumentation. While long-time fans will still recognize the musical core of the band within this release, the more prevalent electronic touches add an additional layer to the emotions and ethereal elements within the more atmospheric parts of the record.

While most bands of this genre would open with a heavier track from the album, “I Might Let the Devil Win,” is a welcomed surprise as a melodic and electronic introduction. “Superficial Drug” utilizes a driving bass line and groove to accentuate the emotion and drive of Withersoon’s vocal delivery. “Love and Hate” has a signature mix of big explosive breakdowns and crushing riffs, with dynamic switches to the thought-provoking verses and anthemic stuck-in-your-head hooks.

Another big highlight would be the album’s finale, “Fence,” which feels like an homage to an earlier part of the band’s career. The lyric content touches on the band’s universal themes of betrayal, faith, and relationships, while also delving into the negative impacts of social media and the human condition during unprecedented times. In Witherspoon’s conversation with The Nu-Metal Agenda, he noted that the band has and will always be a collective team effort, with not a sole member taking complete control when it comes to songwriting, production, and everything in between. This latest record is a testament to their collaborative efforts continuing to produce something special.