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Skindred Release Music Video for "If I Could" Featuring Download Festival Footage

You love to see it when a long-standing band gets the recognition and love they deserve. A prime example of this is the Welsh group Skindred, who after eight records and a quarter century of nu metal shenanigans are still going strong. This past summer saw the band release Smile, which features the monster single “Gimme That Boom,” to great acclaim and success. The album made number one on the UK Metal and UK Independent charts, as well as #2 in the UK overall.

On the back of this success, Skindred played Download Festival for the ninth time in their careers, and their latest music video for “If I Could” shows us some on-stage and behind-the-scenes footage from the latest run. The song is a radio-ready rocker, showing off vocalist Benji Webbe’s range between his reggae-tinged talk-singing and rapping in the verses and a chorus that begs to be sung along to.

Rich Oakes of Dark Fable Media provided and edited the Download footage, while the video itself was filmed and edited by Mark Latham. The video does a fantastic job of featuring Webbe’s and his presence as a frontman, to say nothing of the legions of fans showing their love in the audience and in the pit.

Smile is available now on Earache Records, and is said to be the first of four records for Skindred in this latest deal.

Check out the video for “If I Could” here: