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HEALTH Unleash Cover of Deftones' "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" as Part of Spotify's Singles Series

We around here at the Nu Metal Agenda want HEALTH to be nu metal much more than they are nu metal, even going so far as to list their Vol 4: Slaves of Fear at 79 on our Greatest Nu Metal Albums list.

Though the band has strenuously denied their nu metal ties in the past, a devastating crack in their hull appeared today when HEALTH dropped their cover of Deftones' 1997 single "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" as a Spotify Single:

While it remains to be seen if the band is plotting to hire a full-time DJ next, we're thrilled that they appear to be taking steps toward embracing their inevitable nu metal destiny.

Check that single out above and revisit our podcast interview with Johnny HEALTH below: