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Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst Reveals Music Was Only a Vehicle to Pursue Filmmaking Dreams

Fred Durst, the frontman of legendary nu metal band Limp Bizkit, recently appeared on comedian Bill Maher's Club Random podcast. In the interview, Durst revealed that his career in music was initially only a vehicle to open doors for him in Hollywood to pursue his passion for filmmaking. Durst grew up on a farm in North Carolina and always dreamt of becoming a filmmaker. He was obsessed with Andy Kaufman and Spinal Tap and believed that if he put together a band, he could direct music videos and start making movies in Hollywood.

Durst acknowledged that Limp Bizkit's success was unexpected and that he initially wanted to pursue a career in filmmaking. He said that he was telling record executives like Jimmy Iovine and Ted Field that he wanted to direct movies, but they insisted that he focus on being a rock star since Limp Bizkit was selling a lot of records. Durst viewed Limp Bizkit as a massive art project that he used to fight back against the bullies that had tortured him throughout his life.

Despite Limp Bizkit's success, Durst said that he took everything away and did not want to market or sell merchandise anymore. He wanted to pull back and see what their music could do through a noisy world. Durst noted that there is a resurgence of Limp Bizkit's music among young people who are reacting to the material. He believes the feeling of Limp Bizkit's music is timeless and priceless.

Durst's interview with Maher was candid, revealing much about the Durst's motivations and inspirations. It's clear that the guy never lost his passion for filmmaking, and gets plenty of fulfillment through his music.